Tim van der Heide

Creative Technologist


I'm a maker from The Netherlands, living in Shanghai.

I create products and services that unlock new opportunities in technology. On this page I will give an introduction to my previous work and related experiences to give an impression of my skills and interests.

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Make it work together

For me innovation is about creating combinations. We can take the best from existing elements and bring them to life through innovative ventures.

In technology I therefore follow trends, stay on point with what is possible today, and try to understand how things work.

If you're able to understand the underlying mechanics, you open yourself up to working with it, hacking it: opening it up for new combinations.

In action this also means working effectively as a team. I highly value working with other people; if we can trust in each other's talents and delegate appropriately we can develop a product to its fullest potential.

Working Together

Hands-on Design

Creating great products doesn't take place on the drawing board. You should be able to place concepts into the real world to make them evolve to the next stages.

I follow an iterative design approach in which I aim for both visual and functional prototypes. To see how it feels, but also test and proof its functionality. Quickly iterating in the physical domain enables me to expose both issues and opportunities early in the design process.

With experience in software, electronics and the mechanical domain I bring a toolbox to bring design and engineering together. It enables me to work on the individual disciplines, but above all makes me the right person to bring them together.

Me and my 3d-printer


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June 2016 - Present

Hiuni Kickstarter Page Hiuni is an educational telescope developed for newcomers to the hobby of stargazing. A traditional telescope needs a lot of expertise to setup, while Hiuni takes care of this so you can focus on discovering the universe.

In this project I was mainly responsible for seeking novel technologies from the field of astronomy to create an accessible stargazing experience for newcomers. I integrated these into a functional prototype with key features like automatic alignment to the constellations above you and aligning the telescope to the chosen celestial object in the app (pattern recognition & GoTo functionality).

After a successful Kickstarter campaign the telescope is currently in the final phase for manufacturing.

Shanghai, China


Second half 2014 & First half 2015

In the graduation project for my masters I explored how contemporary digital means of communication can be used to enable physical social interaction. Instead of perceiving the digital channels as harmful to those interactions, I examined and embraced the advantages of digital communication to enhance interaction in the physical domain.

The final design iteration was the online service called SaySomethingNice. With this service I enabled people in local communities to send compliments to each other while (optionally) remaining anonymous. Amongst other aspects this anonymity helped people to lower thresholds and support them to be more positively aware of their direct social surroundings.

Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Interaction Design
Design Process & Teamwork
Software Prototyping

Educational Solar Energy Display

Summer 2012

In Jayapura continuous availability of energy is not self-evident. Yet its position near the equator is the ideal location to enhance the current power systems with solar energy. In 2012, a partnership of WWF Indonesia, Bandung Institute of Technology and the University of Twente installed a pilot PV power plant on the roof of the local town hall to demonstrate this potential.

In the summer of 2012 I worked on location in Jayapura to design an interactive installation to educate the citizens about solar energy. My responsibilities included conceptualization, feasibility research and prototype development.

Jayapura, Indonesia
Bandung, Indonesia
Interaction Design
Technology Exploration
Hardware Prototyping

Anonymous Brainstorming Tool for Teams

First half 2014

The brainstorming process is a well-known activity that is used to generate as many ideas as possible. Doing this together in a team can have a stimulating effect by inspiring others and having fun together.

However, there will also be inhibiting factors at play when people work together. Using an explorative design process I tried to reveal these factors and how those can be reversed. For example, by decoupling the input from its author I got insightful results that helped me towards a better understanding of the process and recommendations for further research.

Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Design Process & Teamwork
Interaction Design
Software Prototyping

Interactive Patina of Culture

November 2014

The differences between China and the West are hard to grasp. It's only until you take the step to experience them for yourself that you will start to understand the many cultural differences.

During an international course in Taicang, I've worked together with students from Jiangnan University to design an interactive experience that conveys this message and let the visitor experience it in an interactive and playful manner.

In this project I worked in a team with four Chinese students. My main tasks were to coordinate the team and to develop the prototype for presenting our concept.

Taicang, China
Interaction Design
Design Process & Teamwork
Software Prototyping



Key Competencies

Design Process & Teamwork

Interaction Design

Technology Exploration

Hardware Prototyping

Software Prototyping


frog Shanghai Design Technologist

2019 - present

Explore, inspire and build.

Beach Creative Technology Prototype Engineer

2016 - 2019

Develop new product concepts through iterative development of functional prototypes.

In three years at Beach I worked on the development of several products and concepts ranging from smart appliances to connected sports goods and robotics. Through building prototypes I explored future opportunities and put design concepts to the test.

University of Eindhoven Tutor


Tutor for undergraduate students in the courses Basic Design and User, Society and Enterprise.

B-Ware Interaction Designer


Create a new design for a web-based letter drafting application that automatically integrates the respective corporate identity.

100% FAT Setup Assistant


Renewal and setup of the Aging Machine and Interactive Living Room exhibitions.

WWF Indonesia & Univ. Twente Final Bachelor Project


Design of an interactive information display for solar energy education in Papua Indonesia

Tweehek Recreation Summer Camp Counselor

2010 - 2017

Setting up and managing technology themed summer camps for children from 12 to 16

Google Dutch & English Quality Rater

2007 - 2008

Giving human input by evaluating and rating machine query results


University of Twente
University of Technology Eindhoven
BSc Industrial Design 2008 - 2012
MSc Industrial Design 2013 - 2015

Development Toolkit


Adobe Creative Suite


JavaScript, Node.js & Node-red



Arduino, ESP8266 & Raspberry Pi

Sensors (Climate, IMU, Proximity etc.)

Robotics & Actuators

Custom PCBs



CNC, 3D Printing & laser cutting

Custom aluminium frames

Hobbies & Interests

Home Automation

Archery Tag

Drone Racing

My Dog

3D Printing



I'm looking forward to hear about interesting projects and opportunities you have to offer.

Please contact me by any method preferred and I will get back to you soon.